About the Alliance

The Foundation gathers together local partner universities that offer the MBA in the E4Impact Alliance. The Alliance:

  • Constitutes the leading force in entrepreneurship education on the African continent
  • Develops new educational programs in the field of entrepreneurship (short courses, PhD, etc.)
  • Creates new and contextualized teaching and research skills
  • Disseminates academic best practices
  • Creates a platform for growing proven impact businesses at the continental level

The Alliance is built around some key events:

Academic Workshops

Academic workshops involve the participation of professors from the Università Cattolica and of local African lecturers. They are designed to develop teaching skills, review and develop academic content and to provide mentoring for new lecturers.

Coaching Workshops

Coaching workshops involve the participation of the E4Impact Team and the Business Coaches. They are designed to develop business coaching skills, review and develop coaching strategies
and to provide mentoring for new coaches.

Discover the Alliance so far!

Would like to join the University Alliance? Write to info@e4impact.org


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