Cecil Nutakor

Cecil Nutakor


An online self-paced learning and teaching platform that promotes interaction among users through social networking. It uses alternative methodologies and formats (e.g. podcasts and games) and proposes guided learning paths to students in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles of the educational systems across Africa.


  • Challenged the understanding of his business model and redefined the core of eCampus
  • Expanded his revenue model by introducing advertisement as additional stream
  • In 2015 has been invited as speaker at the London School of Economics
  • In 2013 was declared among the Top 10 Entrepreneurs in Ghana at the General Entrepreneurship Week
  • In 2010 received the Global Student Entrepreneur Award from Entrepreneur’s Organization, Atlanta (USA).


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Company Url eCampus
Title Founder & CEO
MBA 2013/14 - Accra, Ghana

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