Saticon Conteh

Saticon Conteh

Grace Farm

The company mainly grows and sells fresh plantains at affordable prices for consumption in different forms such as boiled, chips, fried, roasted and snacks from plantain flower.


  • Has a team of 3 full time employees and several casual workers
  • Hires youths as casual workers in order to reduce crime rate
  • Is striving to change Sierra Leoneans’ eating habit of mostly rice as a staple food to include plantain a starchy and vitamin rich food in the country’s dish
  • Among his regular clients he has not only individuals but also 2 mining companies
  • Received the one-year grant “Special Self Help (SSH) Program” from the U.S. Embassy in Freetown worth 8, 185$ in 2019
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Company Logo
Industry Agribusiness
Title Founder & CEO
MBA 2017/18 - Makeni, Sierra Leone

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