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Highlights of the MBA

For entrepreneurs only

The MBA admits only participants who have a business project. The program is built around participants’ business ideas and each course is designed to help them concretely build on that project.


Participants are supported by a Business Coach, a dedicated business consultant that assists them in refining of their business idea, developing the business plan and establishing an industry network.

Relations with investors

Participants are given a minimum of three opportunities to pitch their project to a jury of investors.

International degree

Together with the degree from the local university, the program offers an MBA from the Catholic University of Milan, Italy, Europe’s largest private university.

International recognition 

The MBA is the first non-American program to receive the Ashoka Innovation Award.

Executive Formula

The blending of classroom and on-line training allows participants to attend the program while continuing their current job or business.

International Degree

The Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship awards a Master Degree from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Italy).



The Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship is structured as a “training camp” where each course directly responds to a concrete need that arises while implementing a start-up or scale-up strategy. The MBA courses are divided into two main categories: business courses and business labs.

Business Courses

These courses aim at developing, testing and validating the business model and at acquiring specific managerial knowledge. Business Courses entail both business assignments and traditional examinations.

>>Show Business Courses<<

  • Business Model Design
  • Social Impact Measurement
  • Business Strategy
  • Market Analysis
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Accounting for Entrepreneurs
  • Financial Planning
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project & Operations Management

Business Labs

These laboratories aim at providing hands-on business management and development experience, at acquiring personal business skills, writing the business plan and developing relations with investors. Business Labs do not entail traditional examinations.

>>Show Business Labs<<

  • Business Planning Lab
  • Sales Management
  • Leadership
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Law and Taxation
  • Business Model in Progress
  • SME Governance

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