Build your finance

Throughout the program, MBA participants work with, and are exposed to investors. This ongoing interaction is the occasion for participants to become familiar with investors’ requirements and for investors to understand participants’ attitude and projects. This allows participants to develop their business ideas based on investors’ expectation and to create a trustful relationship.

With this aim the MBA organize a series of events with partners, investors and donors.

Business Idea Competition

In advance to the Initial Boot Camp, all MBA candidates participate in the Business Idea Competition where they present their business ideas to a panel of investors who judge the economic viability and social-environmental impact. This is the occasion for participants to link up with investors and start developing a trustful relationship.

Business Model Competition

At the end of the Middle Boot Camp, MBA participants take part in the Business Model Competition, where they present their business models to investors in order to show them the actual improvement on the initial business idea. This is the occasion for participants to convince investors that their business “can fly”.

Business Plan Competition

At the end of the Final Boot Camp, MBA participants refine a full-fledged business plan and prepare a pitch for investors. They present their pitch to a panel of local and international investors with aim to rise investments and start or scale up their businesses.

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