Business Scaling Lab

Use our MBA to globalize your business

Business Scaling Lab is an opportunity offered through the E4impact MBA for foreign SMEs to discover the potential of the African Sub-Saharan market.

Utilizing the MBA, the SME can engage African talents to study the feasibility of their business in a specific African Country.

An MBA participant, selected by the SME, will apply the company’s business model to his/her local context.

The business plan formulated will include:

  • an analysis of the business opportunities in a specific country;
  • the research of a local commercial partner;
  • the feasibility of opening a local branch;
  • the norms and institutional contacts necessary for the start-up of the entrepreneurial activity.

It is expected that the selected local talent will carry out an intense networking activity with local suppliers, customers, financial and government institutions, in order to guarantee the start up of the project.

The local talent will attend the E4impact MBA and develop the requested project throughout the program. By doing so, he/she will benefit the support of a dedicated local counselor (the MBA Business Coach) and of ALTIS professionals.
















The local talent could be either a young brilliant graduate or a mature professional with industry-specific expertise (manager or entrepreneur).

To guarantee the success of the project, the SME together with the E4impact staff will:

  • define the candidate profile;
  • select the local talent from a shortlist proposed by E4impact;
  • set the objectives to pursue;
  • identify an internal tutor that could support the local resource.

Once the MBA ends, the nature of the business relation between the SME and the local talent is decided by the SME.



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