Petemaa Alusine Sheriff

Petemaa Alusine Sheriff


Multimedia and Agricultural entity mainly focused on poultry (egg) production that provides for a large market range in Northern Sierra Leone.


  • Is amongst the winners of the 2018 Scadep Grant of $ 36,000;
  • Contributes to reduce of hunger in Sierra Leone producing  576,000,000 eggs and  5,000,000 chickens yearly;
  • 1.1% reduction in the importation of poultry products (which presently stands at $80 million annually), thus increasing the GDP of the country;
  • Highly trained innovative entrepreneurial Poultry technicians, thus reducing poverty through job creation;
  • Has a team of 6 employees;
  • Is also amongst the first top Ten Runners for the Sierra Leone poultry Industry for the year 2018;
  • Listed amongst the 2018 100 most inspiring Sierra Leoneans;
  • Won the National Exceptional Youth Entrepreneurship Award organized by Life by Design and A call to business in 2017.
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Company Logo
Website Bigthings Company
Industry Agribusiness
Title Founder & CEO
MBA 2017/18 - Makeni, Sierra Leone

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