Phyllis Munyi-Kariuki

RARE GEM TALENT SCHOOL An institution that offers opportunity to children with learning difficulties who find it hard to learn in normal schools set up. It offers individualized support as per their learning needs, assessment and referral services, it also nurtures their talents for self-realization. The school uses a multisensory[…] Read More

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Gloria-Estelle Vira

FOOD FOR LIFE ORGANIZATION An organization that fights and prevents malnutrition in DRC currently focusing its activity in Goma, in the eastern part of the country. The main product is Mimaso fortified uji, a flour that helps children and adults to come out of malnutrition. MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS The formula is[…] Read More

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Emmah Ngigi

LINIC ENTERPRISES  A company that provides cleaning services and detergents and which aims to be the premier hospitality consultancy & housekeeping service provider of Kenya. MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS Over 186 employees on board; Empowered 75 marginalized women with training; Opened the Linic Sacco which currently stands at 60 members; Has registered[…] Read More

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Jane Wangari Ngugi

LEJAN ENERGY LTD A renewable energy company recycling biomass waste into biomass briquettes which are of high calorific value, economical, 100% eco-friendly for use by factories and large institutions reducing carbon emission and deforestation in Kenya. MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS Created 15 direct job places and over 100 indirect job places; Recycled[…] Read More

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Samuel Muema

AGRIFOR Agrifor delivers to smallholder and commercial farmers affordable high quality seed, seedlings, farm inputs, training and financing they need to grow incomes, have decent work and have surplus food and fiber. MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS Facilitated the formation of 16 smallholder farmers’ producer groups with about 600 farmers in Mwala Sub-County,[…] Read More

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