SKIES – Strengthening Kenya’s Innovation Ecosystem

SKIES – Strengthening Kenya’s Innovation Ecosystem 

The SKIES – Strengthening Kenya’s Innovation Ecosystem project, part of the Kenya Industry and Entrepreneurship Project (KIEP), aims to strengthen the existing start up ecosystem in Kenya and leverage it to help address the challenges of low productivity and innovation at the firm level, particularly in lagging sectors with high potential for employment generation.

Specifically, the activities’s goal is to build and strengthen the capacity of incubators, accelerators and technology boot camp providers in developing and deepening their operational strengths and individual business models through performance-based grant funding. Also, SKIES  aims to reach out to 532 students in the Rapid Tech Skills program (delivered in 8 Kenyan universities on data science and artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, software engineering, soft skills and entrepreneurship), partially covering their tuition costs with the aim of strengthening their technical skills and consequently promoting a skilled supply in the labor market.

Within the project, E4Impact Foundation is among the management firm, together with Spineberg Limited; its role is to build the capacity of intermediaries  through a modular and synergistic implementation methodology that includes:

  1. Stakeholder Mapping;
  2. Stakeholder Engagement;
  3.  Call for Application Launch;
  4. Identification and selection of beneficiaries;
  5. Contracting the beneficiaries;
  6. Funds Disbursement and continuous monitoring of beneficiaries;
  7. Networking, Community Practice and documenting best practices for stakeholder’s engagement.
  • COUNTRY: Kenya
  • THEMATIC AREA: Business Services
  • PERIOD: August 2023 - Ongoing
  • DONOR: Ministry of Investments, Trade and Industry (MITI)
  • PARTNERS: World Bank Group, E4Impact Foundation, Spineberg LTD
  • STATUS: Ongoing