Building Drought Resilience in Isiolo County

Building Drought Resilience in Isiolo County through Sustainable Livelihoods

The Key activities in the project to be implemented by E4Impact are:
• Survey on innovative, sustainable and replicable business models for ASAL areas and creation/dissemination of business models;
• Improvement of pastoralists’ resilience to droughts through controlled herd sizes and strategic livestock marketing/off- takes, animal health measures and improved breeding management;
• Promotion of techniques to conserve and store fodder, crop residues and by-products for use in times of shortage to safeguard key breeding animals and sustain milk production;
• Capacity Building to livestock farmers on entrepreneurship- creating sustainable revenues from sales of fodder, live- animals , milk and other by products from the Animals (manure, bio-slurry, hides and skins).

DONOR: European Union


PROJECT PARTNERS: SOMIRENEC; Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Suisse; WeWorld; Comitato Collaborazione Medica;


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