Kenya Rangelands Ecosystem Services Productivity Programme

The project aims o support Kenya and eradicate poverty, enhancing the productivity of the ecosystem services provided by rangelands for food-feed-human and wildlife security in the Amaya Triangle counties through climate-smart natural resource management and natural resource-based livelihoods, effective governance, peace and security for both wildlife and people.

Within the project, E4Impact will carry out the following activities:

Building capacity of Conservancy Board Members in Entrepreneurship: the conservancy boards will be supported to create business models on wildlife (eco-tourism), tree-based incomes and natural-based incomes.

Building the entrepreneurial capacity of local Innovators: the participants will attend some courses on Business Model Design, Financial capacity building & Pitch Simulations, Marketing & Digital Strategies, Entrepreneurial Coaching.

THEMATIC AREA: Eliminazione della povertà, Economia Circolare
PERIOD: 2021-2023
DONOR: Unione Europea
PARTNERS: Northern Ragelands Trust (Applicant); Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT); International Council for Research and Agroforestry (ICRAF); AMAYA Triangle Initiative (ATI); Community Safety Initiative (CSI).
STATUS: In corso

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