Denis Kimbugwe

Denis Kimbugwe


A market-based social venture to provide access to safe clean drinking water to the underserved and unserved urban and peri-urban Ugandans at an affordable price, while creating employment to the youths through water franchise kiosks and water ATMs model.


  • Is employing over 50 youths and has a permanent staff of 15 people
  • 1000 loyal customers in 2015
  • More than 1,000,000 liters sold in 2016
  • Installed 10 water ATMs in peri-urban Kampala and has 5 existing water kiosks in Kampala
  • Developed partnerships with Growth Africa and Connect to Grow from which he received $48,000 grant
  • Received a UNBS certification in 2011

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Industry Water management
Title Founder and Director
MBA 2016/17 - Kampala, Uganda

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