University Alliance

The Alliance

In 2019 the Foundation launched the E4Impact African University Alliance.

The vision of the Alliance is “To be the largest internationally recognised pan-African community of universities promoting high-impact social and environmental entrepreneurship on the African Continent and beyond.”

It currently counts 24 African Universities among its member institutions.

The Principles

The members of the Alliance are inspired by the following principles:

  • Entrepreneurship as a driver for inclusive and sustainable growth and job creation;
  • Education, research and innovation as a key factors to assure economic and social empowerment;
  • Academic collaboration as a way of strengthening entrepreneurship across Africa;
  • Partnership between African and International institutions as leverage for mutual growth.

As Alliance members, in partnership with Università Cattolica of Milan, the universities can take part in the following activities:

The Research

The Alliance convenes a monthly meeting in which members share best practices and plan future research initiatives. This activities foster cross-country collaboration among faculty, staff and impact entrepreneurs.

Research Activities

The PhD

Each year faculty members from the Management and Agribusiness departments of Alliance schools have privileged access to the international Phd program of the Uganda Martyrs University and Università Cattolica.

The PhD Program

MBAs and Courses

The members of the Alliance can offer the E4Impact Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship as well as International Certificate in Entrepreneurship or customized courses for the local executive markets.

MBAs and Courses