Hervé Nangueton Ouattara

Hervé Nangueton Ouattara


A company that promotes functional, aesthetic and economical constructions. It draws on and adapt ecological solutions from African culture and it offers also hydraulic system for drinking water and solar energy.


  • Offers consultancy activities in partnership with ROD-CI society;
  • Experienced in clean energy houses and efficient and sustainable construction systems;
  • Has a team of 3 permanent staff and a network of over 10 consultants, entrepreneurs and artisans;
  • Works as intermediator and collaborator with quality construction companies;
  • Has been speaker at “Sharing Experiences and Motivation” for talented directors, conference organized in partnership with ROD –CI society and the World Bank in 2019.






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Industry Housing
Title Director
MBA 2016/17 - Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

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