James Nyamai

James Nyamai


An innovative company which manufactures locally adaptable and affordable dehydration technologies that utilize clean energy. It provides all-year-round dehydration capabilities, in order to enhance food security and empower communities.

Major Achievements

  • The hybrid solar dehydrators have been embraced by over 2200 farmers;
  • His solutions utilizes clean energy derived from recycled waste agricultural biomass and solar power, and produces zero carbon dioxide emissions;
  • Builds all dryers in-house and has diversified the products’ portfolio offering more than 10 solutions among dryers’ types, accessories and heating systems;
  • Provides training on solar and cabinet dehydration technologies to farmers and processors;
  • Is a leading hub for hybrid dehydration technologies in Kenya and East Africa, but it’s working towards introducing its solutions in Uganda and Tanzania;
  • Forged strategic partnerships with esteemed organizations such as the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), Vision Fund, Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC), BopInc International etc;
  • Runner-up of the 2023 ed. of the Circular Economy Awards, organized by Circular Economy Catalyst and supported by IKEA Foundation;
  • Has been selected among the top 6 Startups in the Nairobi Innovation Challenge of 2019;
  • Won the STARTUPPER OF THE YEAR prize (2nd place with a grant award of KES. 1,500,000) in the Total Startupper Challenge 2019, organized by TotalEnergies Kenya;
  • Overall Winner at the 2023 Agrihack Challenge, initiative by The Rallying Cry,  Alliance of Bioversity International – CIAT, and Accelerating Impacts of CGIAR Climate Research for Africa (AICCRA).
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2016-2017,  Nairobi (Kenya)