Mulwana Kizito

Mulwana Kizito


An herbal medicine enterprise that offers cheap and easily accessible alternative health natural medicine to the local populace who is recurrently sick and unable to afford available medical services.


  • Directly and indirectly employs over 100 people plus a multitude of out growers;
  • 500,000 client base;
  • 5,000 homesteads reached through extension and outreach programs across the country;
  • Has inspired the establishment of 4 notable natural health centers with their directors being either one of their former employees and or trainees;
  • Through advocacy for protection of herbs and medicinal plants, SEFA organic directly preserves a conducive environment for all;
  • Through free radio programs, outreaches and information sharing with different stake holders, they train a sizable number of natural health practitioners.
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Company Logo
Website Sefa Organic
Industry Pharmaceuticals
Title CEO
MBA 2016/17 - Kampala, Uganda

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