Agri-Entrepreneurship program in Cairo

Refine your business ability as you navigate along side experienced educators and professionals

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Starting date: 24 November 2023

Duration: 1 month

Title: Certificate by ElSewedy Education, E4Impact and Alexbank

Location: Cairo, The Knowledge Hub Universities, Innovation Hub

The Agri-Entrepreneurship program intends to support innovative entrepreneurship in the agribusiness field addressing the emerging need of a growing productivity while preserving the natural resources and the environment in general, and reaffirm the importance of the agricultural sector and its sustainable development also to combat climate change.

The training’s boot camps & workshops will take place from November to December, during boot camps trainers will guide participants in designing their own business, identifying challenges, propose solutions. The program offers 4 boot-camps in the field of Innovation, BMD, Financial Planning & Fundraising with the objective to train entrepreneurs in the agribusiness sector in Egypt.

Boot camps will be followed by a final pitch, participants will present their ideas in front of a judging panel from El Sewedy Education Innovation Hub, E4Impact Foundation, ALEXBANK team members, international experts, and agribusiness experts.

Eligibility Requirements

Small Busniess Owners

Do you run an Agri-business start-up and looking to scale it up?
Defenitly you are eligible to join the Agri-Entrepreneuship Program that will guide you to grow your business.

Family businesses

An established business model always need a kick start.
Innovating your Business model is the first step for starting your family business.

Agri start-up idea

You have the start-up idea, and the program have the mentoring and guidance, the Agri-Entrepreneurship program will put you on the right
track to start your own business.