Mauro Borin

After completing his studies in Law and a Master Degree in European Project Planning, and after having completed a 3-month internship in Amnesty International, Mauro worked for the International Organization for International Co-operation OVCI la Nostra Famiglia for 16 years, first as Head of Institutional Fund Raising in the HQs, and then as Country Representative and Team Leader of the Organization in South Sudan.

In 2008, he returned to Italy to take on the functions of Head of Planning and Project Development in OVCI. In the exercise of his assignment, Mauro obtained the approval of more than 100 cooperation and development projects from Institutional Funders such as the European Union, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italian Episcopal Conference, etc.

He also coordinated the entire project cycle for all the programs launched during that time in OVCI, through continuous monitoring, distance and field assessment missions, of the Expatriate and Local Coordinators.

Finally, he had the opportunity to carry out, as expert, several specific training sessions to Sudanese NGOs on Project Cycle Management, as well as external evaluations of cooperation projects co-financed by the European Union to other local NGOs, which took him to Sudan, South Sudan, Ecuador, Morocco and China.

He joined E4Impact as Head of the Projects Office, since June the 1st 2020.