From Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd of March, there was the 4th Long Weekend of the 4th edition of the Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship at Tangaza University College in Nairobi.

Long weekends are very unique features of the E4impact MBA course which I am attending.  They not only help us balancing work and study, but they also help focusing on various aspects of the study without worrying about going to work, since it is on the weekends.

The last long weekend started with the exams of Business Scaling & Strategy, and Prof. Benedetto Cannatelli, the Straregy lecturer, is one of the finest teachers I’ve ever come across. He always makes the class so interactive and engaged that the topic suddenly turns into an interesting discussion.

The first day, we had also Mrs. Jyoti Mukherjee as our guest speaker for the “Meet the successful entrepreneur” session. She was very motivated and inspiring and I was overwhelmed to see the class so interested in hearing how she made it to be one of the 10 top IT entrepreneurs in Africa.

The second and third day there was so much learning from Entrepreneurial Marketing and Human Resources management, that I must say this has been a really productive session.  I would like to thank Prof. Agnes Muhavani for making Accounting & Finance a topic not to be avoided anymore: I’d never thought that also Entrepreneurial Finance could be so engrossing and now I’ll be able to write the papers without panic flushes.

Thanks to the E4impact team for being so much knowledgeable, I will cherish for years this wonderful experience.


Ronita Ghosh