Socio-economic development for women

Promoting socio-economic development for women led small sized enterprises in Kigali, Rwanda

Education is one of the main factors of change and self- development, especially for young people who live in situations of poverty, and for women to improve the economic and social fabric of a country.

Investing in women can increase their contribution with a positive impact in agribusiness, trading, crafting and other MSMEs while reducing the industry’s productivity gaps.

According to the World Bank Gender Data Portal, the unemployment rate for women in Rwanda was 14.3% in 2022.

The mission of the “Promoting socio-economic development for women led small sized enterprises in Kigali, Rwanda” project is to support micro-entrepreneurship for the empowerment of women, to allow them to get out of a state of extreme vulnerability and, in many cases, to find the courage to escape situations of abuse and domestic violence, thus contributing to the social, economic, and cultural development of local communities.

The project takes place in Kicukiro District, one of the three Districts which constitute the city of Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. 15 women were selected as beneficiaries, these women had already participated in previous women’s entrepreneurship projects, demonstrating high entrepreneurial skills in the management of their respective businesses.

The project, through its activities, aims at fostering entrepreneurship, improving access to finance, enhancing business support services, promoting market opportunities, and creating new jobs.

The training courses will last four months and will include 3 bootcamps, a digital training course, as well as a basic English language course. E4Impact will take care of the entrepreneurial training part, focusing on interactions with the local entrepreneurial system and investors, combining the improvement of skills and business acceleration with individual tutoring.

The project is carried out in partnership with Progetto Rwanda Onlus.

  • COUNTRY: Rwanda
  • THEMATIC AREA: Women Empowerment
  • PERIOD: 20/11/2023 - 31/10/2024
  • DONOR: Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation
  • PARTNER: Progetto Rwanda Onlus (Lead Applicant)
  • STATUS: Ongoing