Socio-Economic Stability Action in Brazzaville

Socio-Economic Stability Action in Brazzaville – Food policies and sustainable management of agri-food markets.

The project aims to direct the decision-making system in Brazzaville to develop resilient and sustainable food systems, with strong integration between rural and urban areas, reducing food wastage as a precondition for peace, stability and community security.

The specific objective is to contribute to the improvement of urban utilities by proposing good practices of food waste reduction and management, creating the conditions for a participatory dialogue between local communities, institutions and the private sector.

Within this project, E4Impact will carry out the following actions:

  • Analysis of the municipal waste management value chain, its limitations and opportunities for growth;
  • Selection of technologies/solutions to seize market opportunities in the sector;
  • Train the local entrepreneurs in the adoption of these solutions, re-planning of the business system and of the entrepreneurial skills training for company owners;
  • Connecting companies with investors interested in supporting the sector, and creating links with municipalities and public bodies that can contract the companies.
  • COUNTRY: Congo Brazzaville
  • THEMATIC AREA: Waste Management
  • PERIOD: dicembre 2023 - aprile 2024
  • PARTNER:  CIHEAM Bari (Applicant)
  • STATUS: Concluded