About the session

How can social Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) practices shape organisations? How do the results of IMM influence the way organisations design and implement their strategies and operations?

Within the Social Value Matters 2022 conference, our Impact Measurement Manager, Erica Negro will present E4Impact IMM and how it’s useful to shape strategic actions, while Awerangi Tamihere will provide insights from the work of Whanau Ora. Speakers will be asked how the new SVI Standard: Be Responsive can help accelerate more learning and impact led decisions.

Attend this session to be inspired and also share your experiences about how IMM practices are shaping your decision making.

  • DATE: 24/10/22
  • TIME: 4:00 PM
  • LOCATION: Unicredit, Turin
  • SESSION TITLE: Can the Principle 8 Be Responsive enhance learning from Social Impact Measurement
  • MODERATORS: Valentina Langella, Alberto Anselmo
  • SPEAKERS: Erica Negro (Impact Measurement Manager, E4Impact Foundation); Awerangi Tamihere (COO – Whanau Ora)
  • ORGANIZER: Social Value International

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