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Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship

The heart of E4impact is the Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship. The 12-month executive program trains both active and aspiring entrepreneurs in the start-up and/or scaling of their businesses.

It is offered in partnership with local universities and confers a degree from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan, Italy. Find out where the MBA is offered.

The Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship supports participants in:

  • transforming a business idea into a business plan
  • improving an existing business
  • creating partnerships with investors, suppliers and customers.

The MBA is comprised of a unique and flexible blend of class lessons, distance learning, coaching and networking events, where participants acquire the business tools and skills necessary to manage a business venture. Find out the complete MBA curriculum.

The E4impact MBA is structured as a “training camp” where each course directly responds to the concrete needs that arise in the start-up or scaling of a small business.

Throughout the program, MBA participants meet with interested investors. This ongoing interaction allows participants to develop a relationship of trust with these investors and to draft their business plan according to the expectations of the financial community.


The Executive formula: from concept to commercial launch

The  Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship has a peculiar structure that alternates intensive weeks of in class lessons, distance learning, long weekends in class and competitions (see scheme below). This executive formula supports participants in transforming a business idea into a business plan: from concept to commercial lauch.

The_Executive_formulaBusiness Idea Competition – Concept

In advance to the Initial Boot Camp, all MBA candidates participate in the Business Idea Competition where they present their business ideas to a panel of investors who judge the economic viability and social-environmental impact. This is the occasion for participants to link up with investors and start developing a trustful relationship.

Initial Boot Camp – Structuring the Business Model

The MBA starts with the Initial Boot Camp, which comprises of 8 days of intensive classes. Participants attend Business Model Design and Basic Accounting courses and assist to guest speakers from the entrepreneurial world. In this opening week of intensive study, each participant, guided by international lecturers and mentors, scrutinizes his/her business idea. Participants are aided in identifying the idea’s strengths and weaknesses and then structure out a business model, using the Canvas template: this work provides the base upon which day-to-day improvement is undertaken. At the end of the Boot Camp, during the Business Model Canvas Competition, each student presents his/her business model in front of a panel of investors. During this event they receive feedbacks from investors to improve their business models.

Long Weekends and distance learning – Testing the business model

Participants access to online courses and develop nd validate a specific component of the business model. They also meet in class for 3 long weekends where they attend lectures, meet the Business Coach, investors and mentors.

Middle Boot Camp – Validating the Business Model

The Middle Boot Camp is an intensive week of lectures, group projects and moments of mentorship and coaching and is designed to help participants hone their Business Model. MBA participants attend courses, among which Business Strategy and Scaling, Social Impact Measurement and Entrepreneurial Finance, delivered by an international faculty. In addition to lectures and interactive group work, participants benefit from special sessions of mentorship and coaching on the Business Model. Business models are ultimately challenged and validated: weaknesses are fixed, strengths are optimized and the way forward the business model paved.

Business Model Competition

At the end of the Middle Boot Camp, MBA participants take part in the Business Model Competition, where they present their business models to investors in order to show them the actual improvement on the initial business idea. This is the occasion for participants to convince investors that their business “can fly”.

Long Weekends and distance learning – Towards the Business Plan

Participants access to online courses on implementing strategy. They also meet in class for 3 long weekends in class for coaching activities and field visits.

Final Boot Camp – Starting off

The Final Boot Camp is the final intensive week of lectures, where each participant refines his/her business plan with mentors and lecturers and develop a well-structured presentation for investors.

Business Plan Competition

At the end of the Final Boot Camp, MBA participants refine a full-fledged business plan and prepare a pitch for investors. They present their pitch to a panel of local and international investors with aim to rise investments and start or scale up their businesses.

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