Support to Resilience for Sustainable Livelihoods

Support to Resilience for Sustainable Livelihoods – West Pokot County

The project aims to contribute towards increased resilience of pastoral communities to drought and other effects of climate change in arid and semi-arid lands (ASAL) in the West Pokot County (Kenya). Main objectives of the initiative are:
1. enhancing food and nutrition security of vulnerable households, especially for women and children;
2. generating sustainable livelihoods and protect productive assets.
The action addresses weak drought resilience and high food and nutrition security vulnerability in West Pokot County and contributes to enhanced climate-resilience, economic development and prosperity as well as improved stability, peace, conflict prevention and security in this fragile and challenging area. The approach will ensure better cross-sector synergies while strengthening county level administration capacities in building drought resilience and food and nutrition security, and secure livelihoods for vulnerable and at risk households. In addition, the action will strengthen the devolved systems on implementation of policies and strategies as well as mitigating the climate change impacts and other climate risks.

Within the project, E4Impact will be in charge for the following activities:

  • survey on innovative, sustainable and replicable business models for ASAL areas and creation of business models to be piloted in the action as well as dissemination of the models in learning institutions;
  • improving linkages for supply of farm inputs, marketing of crops and horticultural produce and improve smallholder market access for product marketing including input supplies;
  • streamline income generating activities especially for women including community conservation and tourism across the action.
  • COUNTRY: Kenya
  • THEMATIC AREA: Agribusiness
  • PERIOD: 01/01/2020 - 31/06/2024
  • DONOR: European Union
  • PARTNERS: Northern Rangelands Trust - NRT (Lead Applicant), Somirenec, Amref Health Africa, CEFA Onlus
  • STATUS: Ongoing