Distance learning in remote areas

Distance learning in remote area

The project aimed to develop and implement an ICT technology platform (or a combination of technologies) capable of delivering remote training in remote areas, by processing and arranging the contents in order to transfer them to the recipients, even when they have limited access to the Internet. In particular, the most relevant features were the possibility for recipients to interact with the central system and to upload educational items and the support for audiovisual content to facilitate teaching and for live streaming educational activities.

Within the project, E4Impact has carried out the following activities:

  • Selection of the training program to be activated;
  • Transformation of the material already available and preparation or generation of new contents;
  • Assembling of the content set and the pilot user group;
  • Preparation of an evaluation method to be used to measure the learning level and the status of the course fruition;
  • Analysis of the results.

Final Results

The described activities enabled the expected results to be achieved or exceeded. We have been able to:

  • create 104 accounts for the entrepreneurs in Ghana and Sudan (pilot Countries);
  • organize 6 courses on the platform (Accounting for entrepreneurs, Business Model Design, Entrepreneurial marketing, Hr Management, Leadership, Market analysis).

The implementation of the project is going on in all the Countries of the E4Impact Alliance.


COUNTRY: All the Countries of the E4Impact Alliance
PERIOD: 2019-2020
DONOR: Fondazione Cariplo; Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo
PARTNERS: Teyuto S.R.L (technical provider)

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