On November 6, 2022, the official launch of the E4Impact Business Network – Ghana took place in Accra. It was a special event dedicated to the community of Ghanaian Alumni entrepreneurs, who undertook their academic and business path within the Foundation.

The new-born Business Network is meant to bring together all these current and future Alumni to facilitate valuable connections and partnerships, share fruitful business opportunities, support enterprises in their growth, advance sustainable development and make significant impact on the society as a whole. To date, more than 240 entrepreneurs in Ghana are part of the E4Impact Alumni community and ready to embark on this business networking journey.

A journey of opportunities and initiatives, that will be guided by the 6 members of the Executive Committee, elected by majority vote and introduced during the event: Korsah Hammond (President), Scholastica Esua-Mensah (Vice President), Emmanuel Tey Tyson (Financial Secretary), Ama Brenya-Ametewee (Organising Secretary), Charity Ewoneam Zormelo (Secretary), and Maura Adu-Amankwah (Assistant Organising Secretary).

Daniel Tuakly, E4Impact Country Manager in Ghana, hence invited the whole network “to partake in different activities through this plan of initiatives, seminars and events aimed at identifying and taking advantage of new opportunities, establishing new businesses, accelerating and scaling up individual businesses, and making economic, social and environmental impact nationally and internationally”.

During the event Antonella Porretta, E4Impact Alumni Manager, took the opportunity to introduce to the community the exclusive benefits and opportunities especially designed for them. Among these, a set of dedicated learning and training programs, the upcoming Business Networking Week, and the first E4I Pan-African B2B Platform: a virtual space where African businesses, international businesses and investors can meet, interact, exchange opportunities, and create valuable synergies and partnerships. The Platform will let the Alumni to scale their business across Africa, get access to local and overseas markets, create connections with investors and stay updated with the latest trends in business.

The launch event also hosted a special keynote speaker: Nana Agyenim Boateng, Regional Chairman of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry– Accra. Mr Boateng strongly inspired and encouraged the Alumni to keep shaping the future of Ghana by redefining its business development prospects in the post-pandemic era.

After the event, the Committee immediately started working to plan the next activities, with the aim to ensure an immersive networking and business experience for its network.

Antonella Porretta, commenting on the positive effect of this launch event, said: “This is just the first step towards the development of a vibrant and inclusive community who grows, enhances connections, and explores opportunities together with its members. This growth will be strongly accelerated through the role of the Alumni Business Networks, which, operating in each country will serve the purpose of empowering entrepreneurs and helping them reach their business goals.”