Alice Emasu

Alice Emasu


A non-government organization that has led the campaign to eliminate obstetric fistula condition and act as a catalyst for improving maternal and child health in Uganda.


  • Opened in 2019 the first hospital in Uganda and the third in Africa dedicated to women suffering from obstetric fistula;
  • The hospital conducts 200 surgeries per year and treat and reintegrate 600 women per year;
  • 15,000 women and girls affected by fistula treated and reintegrated;
  • Signed a strategic partnerships with the Ugandan Ministry of Health;
  • Received capital money from the International Fistula Alliance, the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation and the Uganda Fistula Fund;
  • Named Virtual Voices Global Women Leaders Fellows in 2015.
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Industry Health
Title Founder & Executive Director
MBA 2016/17 - Kampala, Uganda

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