Amin Sulley

Amin Sulley


A Ghanaian enterprise that provides 100% vegetal, recycled and smokeless coal-like pellets to offer poor households a clean, healthy and affordable cooking fuel.


  • Started R&D in 2014 and production in 2015
  • Moved from producing 5 bags a day to setting up a factory that produces over 500 bags a day, in 2 years
  • Got recognized by Forbes Magazine as a top 30 under 30 entrepreneur in 2016
  • Moved from once vendor to over 50 vendors, one supermarket chain and a string of hotels and restaurants
  • Employing 7 full time workers and 100’s of indirect jobs
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Company Logo
Companu Url Zaacoal
Industry Renewable Energy
Title Chief Operation Officer & Founder
MBA 2015/16 - Accra, Ghana

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