Ben Jammaine Ncube

Ben Jammaine Ncube

Men’s Health Clinic Zimbabwe

A medical clinic, which provides medical services for men such as medical consultations, diagnostic tests, counselling and support services. Through several projects, the clinic promotes a culture of healthcare-seeking behaviours amongst men.


  • Over 5.000 men treated, whilst 6.000 others reached through awareness programs;
  • Lunched free digital newsletter which reaches an audience of up to 5.000 men to raise awareness and breaking down stigma in men’s sexual and reproductive health issues;
  • Has 100% success rate in the management and treatment of erectile dysfunction for their patients;
  • 25 new jobs created for “wellness champions” involved in their community outreach programs, while others men have been trained through their corporate engagement exercise;
  • Patients from Mozambique, Botswana and Zambia enlist their services remotely;
  • The clinic has a special care to inclusiveness;
  • Winner of Gian Marco Moratti Award 2020.
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Website Men’s Health Clinic Zimbabwe
Industry Health
Title CEO
MBA 2019/20 - Harare, Zimbabwe

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