Bola Ray

Bola Ray


A Ghanaian urban, lifestyle radio station, that connects emotionally to every single individual by delivering audio and internet compelling programs (entertainment/lifestyle-led talk, educative programs, good music etc.) across multiple platforms. It has the mission of impacting positively on society and lifestyles.


  • His original business idea referred to an existing entertainment company,  but the MBA challenged him to get outside the comfort zone: Starr FM was born;
  • Established a strategic partnership with UniBank in June, 2014 to create Starr Radio and went on-Air in August 2014;
  • Within 3 months of operations, Starr Radio has been able to secure major events (e.g. Hennessy Artistry); gathering plenty of advertiser, hosts and stars;
  • Starr Radio website has been ranked in Ghana from 300,000 to 43 in just 3 months being one of the fastest growing websites in Ghana;
  • Won GN Bank Awards and was named “Celebrity of the year” in 2015.
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Company Logo Starr_logo
Website Starr FM Online
Industry Media
Title Founder
MBA 2013/14 - Accra, Ghana

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