Diana Namayanja

Diana Namayanja


A branding company that supplies high-quality apparel, gift items, and promotional products to businesses and organizations.


  • Has 50 business clients that give over 100 jobs a year;
  • Has five full-time employees and provides internship opportunities and training for university students in graphic design, tailoring, and production;
  • Has created 20 job places along the value chain;
  • The company has received 50,000$ of funds so far;
  • Has won the Best Startup business award in the Private Sector Foundation Uganda Business competition in 2010;
  • She is a member of some important women association such as Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited, Vital Voices.
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Company Logo
Website Brand Momentum
Industry Manufacturing
Title Co-Founder & CEO
MBA 2018/19 - Kampala, Uganda

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