Emmanuel Tyson

Emmanuel Tyson


It’s a microcredit and financial services company with a focus on SMEs and entrepreneurial business owners mainly women. CCML is operating as a regulated Non-Bank Financial Institution.


  • Has empowered lives of the underserved communities through small to medium loan facilitations;
  • Launched a second branch in 2015, which is fully operational;
  • Maintained a growth rate of 10-12% in the last 4 years and a recovery rate between 75-88% per annum;
  • For 2020 plans to establish a new branch in a more agro-based region of Ghana with a strong economic and upward socially impacted trend;
  • Has a team of 7 employees.


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Company Logo
Website Citizens Capital Micro-Credit
Industry Banking & Finance
Title Executive Director
MBA 2014/15 - Accra, Ghana

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