Erasung Hadijah Ahmed

Erasung Hadijah Ahmed

Myda Foods Ltd

A Ghanaian company that adds value to the locally grown cereals, grains and vegetables to curb malnutrition in weaned babies.

Major Achievements

  • Client base: 800 people
  • Has received Gh100,000 as grant;
  • Won Gh25,000 as finalist at McDan Entrepreneurship Competition in 2020;
  • Received the “Entrepreneur of the Year award” in 2019;
  • Received the “Most Inspiring Young Female Entrepreneur Award” in 2019:
  • Has a team of 5 employees and some sales agent;
  • Author of an entrepreneurship guide called “the Hustle is real“;
  • Founder of “Muslim Women Entrepreneurs and Leaders” to encourage them in building sustainable businesses at their own pace.


Company logo


Food Processing


Founder and Product Developer


2019/20 – Accra, Ghana