Fortunate Akanyihayo

Fortunate Akanyihayo

St Mark Secondary School, Nyakibale

A mixed secondary school that helps parents who want their children to acquire quality, holistic education at an affordable cost from a nearby place.


  • Attracted 80 students in a class of senior one in the first year of operation, which is very rare for a beginning school
  • Has a team of 18 full time employees and 2 part time
  • The school is set in a rural area and at an affordable cost, differently from other schools that are in urban centres and are very expensive
  • Bursary given every term to the three best performing students,  reducing their parents’ expenses on school fees
  • Won the award for the book of the year for secondary school ordinary level education in Uganda in 2019
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Industry Education
Title Co-founder
MBA 2018/19 - Kampala, Uganda

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