Fred Ijjo

Fred Ijjo


Bamboo based affordable housing that entails purchase of raw materials (green bamboo) from local communities, who harvest from natural plantations, and youth training in fabrication and installation of bamboo building components.


  • Employs on average 15 full time employees and over 50 youths on part time basis involved in harvest, processing, production, seed collection and nursery management;
  • Over USD 10,000 injected into the community through the bamboo business in 2017;
  • Set up bamboo technology training center in Moyo;
  • Conducted mobilization campaign on bamboo during World Bamboo 2017;
  • Implemented a range of bamboo based projects notably: Cassia Lodge bamboo roof thatch, office space partition in bamboo panels at BLD Consults Uganda Limited;
  • Member of the Technical Committee for bamboo standards development in Uganda;
  • Developed a range of building and product prototypes in bamboo.
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Title Director
MBA 2015/16 - Kampala, Uganda

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