Georgina Chirume

Georgina Chirume

Lusama Fashion Enterprises

One of the leading knitwear and clothing manufacturers in Zimbabwe. It specializes in the production of corporate jerseys, school jerseys, corporate wear, workwear, school uniforms and protective clothing including Covid19 PPE.

Major Achievements

  • Has a team of 55 employees of which 55% are women;
  • Has 50 key relationship managed clients and 130 non-relationship managed clients, plus thousands of mass-market customers handled by retail outlet;
  • Contributes to environment protection through environmentally friendly manufacturing, which limits pollution and facilitates recycling of waste;
  • Transformed the lives of many widows and young people in the community through employment and entrepreneurial training;
  • Won for three years since 2019 the ZNCC Businesswoman of the Year Mashonaland Region Award;
  • In 2020 won the silver award of Megafest Entrepreneur of the year.
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2020/21 – Harare, Zimbabwe