Gyaviira Luwaga

Gyaviira Luwaga

Lewis+Shaw Advertising Ltd

An advertising and communication agency that offers creative services, communication strategy development, media buying, Marketing and Communication support consultancy.


  • Over 40 clients served since their inception
  • Has a staff of 5 full time employees and 6 part time consultants
  • Some of their old staff have gone ahead to start up marketing agencies of their own
  • Some of the communication support consultancies they have worked on have employed 40 to 50 part time personnel
  • Best girl child initiative campaign recognised by the World Savers Initiative International under Because I am a girl program in 2016
  • Best Plan Initiative in East, Central & Southern Africa recognised by Plan RESA


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Company Logo
Company Url Lewis+Shaw Advertising
Industry Media & digital communication
Title Managing & Creative Director
MBA 2018/19 - Kampala, Uganda

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