Isata Kabia

Isata Kabia


Trains women and youth to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs through manufacturing skills and financial literacy. The training courses are short and highly practical and entail a wide range of activities such as shoes manufacturing, soaps, cosmetics, hair products, processing of agricultural harvest (tea, oils, fruits) etc.


  • Trained 250 women of which 120 in ceramics, 38 in manufacturing (including cosmetics, soaps, jewellery, and food processing), the rest in business and savings;
  • Among her clients there are 5 supermarkets and 3 hotels;
  • Received $25,000 as a grant for her activities;
  • Has a team of 10 employees;
  • Is working to open a distribution link to the UK.


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Company Logo
Website Afrilosophy
Industry Manufacturing
Title Founder and CEO
MBA 2016/17 - Makeni, Sierra Leone

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