Jacqueline Kiage

Jacqueline Kiage


An health social enterprise  that offers high quality, affordable and accessible eye care services to the community in the South Western Region of Kenya.


  • The 1st Eye Hospital in South Western Kenya
  • In first 15 months of operations:
    • More than 20,000 patients served
    • 1,285 cataract surgeries performed
    • 85 Community Outreach Programs (eye camps),
  • 2,900 spectacles dispensed from corrective eye care shops
  • Start up funding from Fiat Lux Foundation (300,000 USD), Hilton Foundation with Dana Centre and LAICO/Aravind Eye Care System (200,000 USD), Right to Sight Ireland/Norway (36,000 €), Brien Holden Vision Institute (43,000 €) and Eye Foundation (10.000 €).

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Company Logo

Company Url Innovation Eye Center
Industry Health
Title Co-Founder
MBA 2012/13 - Nairobi, Kenya

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