Lucy Kapkirwok

Lucy Kapkirwok


A Kenyan enterprise that manufactures and distributes a particular type of affordable and accessible underwear integrating sanitary napkins in Nairobi, in rural areas of the Rift Valley and in the provinces of the north and east of Kenya.


  • Helped increase by 60% the attendance of girls in schools, that generally skipped because of lack of pads and even where pads are donated there are no panties;
  • Unlike ordinary pants, the pad-pant does not require washing or re-use, being an enormous advantage for all economic contexts;
  • Has 8 full time employees and different wholesales and supply chains that have created other job places;
  • Expanded to Uganda and soon Tanzania and Ethiopia.
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Website Sanpad
Industry Personal Services
Title Founder & CEO
MBA 2014/15 - Nairobi, Kenya

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