Nahla Omer Zayed Baraka

Nahla Omer Zayed Baraka

Sukar Cosmetics

A Sudanese-made natural skin care brand that produces natural, safe and effective products. It uses high quality locally sought raw materials and the best of international ingredients, that is designed with the most innovative methods by a certified talented pharmacist.


  • Client base: over 3000 woman
  • Strives to combat the stereotypical view of beauty encouraging young women to love their natural beauty and increase awareness about the adverse effects of whitening creams;
  • Has a team of 5 employees;
  • Won the National champion of the Sudan Startup Virtual Pitch Competition in 2020;
  • Won the Road to GES2019 Pitching competition representing Sudan in global entrepreneurship summit in The Huge (Netherland);
    Member of Bosch foundation Alumni Network and of FEMCOM Sudan chapter.
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Company Logo
Website Sukar Cosmetics
Industry Cosmetics
Title Founder & CEO
MBA 2019/20 - Khartoum, Sudan

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