Owais Abdelhfeez Hassan

Owais Abdelhfeez Hassan


The company designs and produces advance technology irrigation solutions with affordable cost for small and medium farmers in Sudan and Africa.


  • Has a team of 6 employees;
  • In the 1st year of operation, they have produced two different prototypes;
  • Has been part of a manufacturing team which has produced 20,000 ventilators for the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020;
  • Winner by the 1st Place of Mashrouy 5 competition in Khartoum (Sudan);
  • Nominated to represent Sudan at the Africa Week Innovation Hub at UNESCO in Paris (France);
  • Winner of Gian Marco Moratti Awar 2020.
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Industry Manufacturing
Title Founder
MBA 2018/19 - Khartoum, Sudan

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