Spencer Matonhodze

Spencer Matonhodze

Fanset International

A logistics company that offers IoT solutions. The company comprises three verticals (Murimi247, Rtnload, and Fantracker) that deal with optimization for trucks, on-demand farm equipment, and a delivery partner for moving goods and packages in Zimbabwe.


  • Has created 59 direct jobs and over 1300 indirect jobs;
  • Has fully set up operations in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, and Rwanda and franchise partners in Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria;
  • Managed to facilitate loads for over 1000 drivers during the Covid 19 lockdown restrictions;
  • Won the Gian Marco Moratti Award in 2021;
  • Is a member of the Transport Operators Association of Zimbabwe.
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Company Logo
Website Fanset International
Industry Transport and Logistics
Title Co-founder and COO
MBA 2018/19 - Harare, Zimbabwe

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