Flavien Tchamdjeu

Flavien started collaborating with E4Impact in November 2017 as Francophone Africa Manager. After obtaining his High school degree in Cameroon in 2005, he decided to travel to Europe to continue his studies. He firmly believes that if the African youth is well educated, it will bring positive fruits in both Europe and Africa.

Before arriving in E4Impact, he has worked with several organization and has collaborated with the International Student Desk of University of Milan. He has been Consultant of  the International Organization for Migration, coordinating  the  project “Migrant associations for co-development” in Milan City and has worked with the Municipality of Milan on the project “Milan an International City”. Furthermore he has been Head of International Cooperation with an Italian NGO and still collaborates with several Italian associations and Organizations on Migration and Development projects.

He holds a Post graduate degree in Geopolitics of Organized Crime (University of Milan), an MSc in International Relations (Diplomacy and International Organizations) at the (University of Milan) and a B.A. in International Science and European Institutions (University of Milan).  Moreover, he holds a MSc in Human Resource Management and Employment Relations from the University of Milan.


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