SAMPAK: Eco-agribusiness models of sustainable productions in arid and semi-arid lands in Kenya

Climate change is leading to the increasingly frequent recurrence of extreme events in different areas of the world.

This is the case of Kenya, particularly affected by increasingly extreme periods of drought alternating with heavy flooding. A scenario that makes farming and pastoralism real challenges for the population which is often at risk of famine.

By developing sustainable, resilient models of agriculture and fostering biodiversity, we aim to ensure food security, enabling diverse nutrition and sufficient food supplies through optimal management of natural resources, in collaboration with local and national authorities.

E4IMPACT in partnership with CESVI, Action Aid Kenya (AAK), with support from the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) are undertaking the SAMPAK project to strengthen resilience to climate and market shocks in arid and semi-arid areas (ASALS) of northern Kenya and to prioritize sustainable market-based solutions to address the persistent challenges of ASAL residents. The program aims to transform the lives of communities and households in the county of Isiolo for the benefit of the targeted 10 villages and other surrounding neighborhoods.

To achieve these objectives, knowledge in developing sustainable business models will be transferred to 12 local trainers to support local SMEs. In addition, in-the-field training to 90 local SMEs will be carried out and the beneficiaries will participate in individual coaching sessions and receive online support. To conclude, a report on two identified agribusiness value chains and one market analysis (including pricing, channels, positioning) will be done.

  • COUNTRY: Kenya
  • THEMATIC AREA: Agribusiness
  • DONOR: Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo - AICS
  • PARTNERS: CESVI, Action Aid Kenya (AAK)
  • STATUS: Ongoing