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Alhassan Turay: empowering young job seekers in Sierra Leone

Alhassan Turay is a reputable Career Development Specialist, who has over a decade of work experience in the NGOs and the public sector. Today he is an all-round professional and an entrepreneur from the 3rd edition of the MBA at the University of Makeni in Sierra Leone. At the MBA he has worked on his business: Human Capital Institute Sierra Leone.

HCI-SL serves as a platform for human capital development and management with the goal of reducing unemployment by inspiring and empowering young job seekers or new entrants into the job market, experienced professionals, and entrepreneurs alike. It promotes opportunities for professional and entrepreneurial growth by opening doors into the job market through training and retraining, coaching, mentoring and appropriate placement using a job board system.

“I’ve enrolled in the MBA to improve on my current entrepreneurial skills and knowledge for efficiency and effectiveness in what my company does for its targeted market and beneficiaries. Recently we have developed networks and strategic alliances with institutions and organizations in Sierra Leone and internationally.” he said.

But let’s go deep in Alhassan entrepreneurial career!

1. How was your Business Idea born?

My business idea was born from my experience working in vary Human Resource Management capacities across sectors. I understood that there was a need and I wanted to address it.

2. How can your business improve the life of the beneficiaries of your activities?

Specifically, we target top & mid-level professionals as well as domestic staff with formal or informal training and provide them with formal qualifications and certification. We provide new graduates and young professionals labour-market skills. We offer training, professional subscription, new businesses set-up facilitation, HR audit, restructuring, recruitment and staff procurement services for organizations, companies, agencies and businesses.


“We contribute to reduce unemployment in Sierra Leone
promoting opportunities for young job seekers or new entrants into the job market.


3. What has been the main challenge you had to overcome in your entrepreneurial experience?

Our main business challenge had been finding finances to support our business activities. We overcame it through personal savings, writing grant proposals and responding to consultancies call with agencies.

4. In your opinion, what are the main qualities an entrepreneur should have?

Believe in yourself and always pursue your business idea or vision. Be a risk taker, be patient, always have confidence and perseverance.

5. Is there a person you are inspired by, i.e. an entrepreneur or a particular mentor?

I have always been inspired by two indigenous entrepreneurs; Dr. Sampha Koroma, owner of Union Trust Bank and Joe Abass Banguara, owner of Call to A Business, Life By Design and IDT Labs etc.

6. Could you tell us a particular satisfactory moment you had in your entrepreneurial activity?

It was when I was able to achieved the goal of getting my business registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Sierra Leone, obtaining a fire-starter funding up to GBP5000!

7. Could you tell us how the MBA has helped you and your business?

The MBA is so unique such that, today I am so proud and now equipped with comprehensive knowledge and skills in Entrepreneurship. It has help me achieve and secure the recognition as best young people at the empowerment forum and GBP5000 grants award from Sensi Innovation Tech Hub with possible additional funding opportuinties.


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