Phyllis Munyi-Kariuki

Phyllis Munyi-Kariuki


An institution that offers opportunity to children with learning difficulties who find it hard to learn in normal schools set up. It offers individualized support as per their learning needs, assessment and referral services, it also nurtures their talents for self-realization. The school uses a multisensory method suitable for children with learning difficulties.


  • Teaches to 100 children per year;
  • Has a team of 25 employees;
  • Has established a high school for children who could otherwise not fit in a normal secondary school setup;
  • 35 children who otherwise would have not had opportunity to sit for National examination were able to do the exam and proceed to High school;
  • Opened a Dyslexia Assessment Centre and holds workshops and trainings for teachers for early identification and intervention of dyslexia and other learning difficulties;
  • Admits children from the larger East Africa, Burundi, Tanzania and Southern Sudan;
  • In 2018 received the Young Eco-Warriors at Green Kids Award.
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Company Logo
Website Rare Gem Talent School
Industry Education
Title Founder & Director
MBA 2019/20 - Nairobi, Kenya

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