DAKAR REVE – Dakar Régénération Verte

This project aims to contribute to the sustainable urban development of Dakar region in the current climatic transition scenario (general objective), through the improvement of the services of urban utility and the civic participation linked to waste management (specific objective).

Main target groups are the public officials of Dakar municipality, the local services of waste management, markets’ consumers, green microenterprises, social workers, and the whole citizenship involved in the actions.

The main project Activity Components are:

1) strengthening the skills connected to service management and urban requalification of Dakar municipality administration;

2) improving the efficiency and separation of waste collection in a Dakar district;

3) increasing the participation of civil society, entrepreneurs and diaspora on environment issues in urban context.

Local partner (Milan, Reggio Emilia and Dakar municipalities, Dakar region’s local authorities’ network) will mobilize their officials in the actions concerning the exchange of best practices and service management, involving also the local providers of waste management for the specific technical component. The other partners will provide specific skills linked to their area of experience. Regranting tool will be used to engage Senegalese diaspora in Italy in the action of environment sensitization.

  • COUNTRY: Senegal
  • THEMATIC AREA: Waste management
  • PERIOD: 01/07/2021 - 30/06/2024 (3 years)
  • PARTNER: Comune di Milano (Applicant), Ville de Dakar, Comune di Reggio Emilia, Communauté des Agglomérations de Dakar (CADAK), Politecnico di Milano - Department of Architecture, Construction Engineering and Built Environment (POLIMI - DABC), Istituto Pace Sviluppo Innovazione Acli (IPSIA), Fondazione Reggio Children – Centro Loris Malaguzzi ETS, A2A Ambiente S.p.A., Institut Africaine de Gestion Urbaine (IAGU)
  • STATUS: Ongoing