FISH: Food Industry Strengthening against Hunger

The project aims to develop technical professionalism and entrepreneurial skills in the actors of the fishery, for the sustainability of the fishing system and the reduction of conflicts.

The pursuit of this objective will enable the dialogue between public and private actors essential to contain conflicts in the value chain of fisheries products. This will be achieved through a multifunctional approach, developing food policies, as well as entrepreneurial skills, by training trainers in the associations of professionals in the fisheries value chain.

The FISH project is in direct continuity with the project: ‘Blue & Green: Boosting Local authorities’ Understanding of coastal Economy & Growing Regenerative Enterprises in the Ecosystem Networks in Dakar and Kampala‘, with which it shares the focus on the blue economy, as well as the involvement of Dakar and Kampala local authorities in the activities. The FISH project, however, is characterised by the level of approach, which aims above all at the development of urban food policies. In this regard, African countries have a priority position in the Italy’s strategic agenda in terms of stability, security and sustainable development’.

The project activities, therefore, envisage Public-Private cooperation initiatives between the administrations of the municipalities involved and the local fishermen’s associations, on supply chain development plans and conflict reduction.

An innovative element compared to the previous initiative is the involvement among the beneficiaries, of fishermen’s associations, and in a training of trainers perspective, to guarantee the social and institutional sustainability of the intervention. Besides, the FISH project, unlike “Blue and Green”, will also involve the island communities of Zanzibar and Pemba (Tanzania).

Project activities include:

  • Basic entrepreneurial training to trainers of the Associations of fishermen in the countries;
  • Training for fishing communities on supply chain innovations and the Business Modeling;
  • Strategic financial planning for microcredit.
  • COUNTRY: Senegal, Uganda and Tanzania
  • THEMATIC AREA: Fisheries Value Chain
  • PERIOD: 22/12/2022 - 21/12/2024
  • PARTNER:  CIHEAM Bari (Applicant)
  • STATUS: Ongoing