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UNIAFRICA and E4impact join forces for the expansions of SMEs

UNIAFRICA and E4impact confirm their cooperation to promote SMEs in Sub-Saharan Africa. As first step, Uniafrica was involved in the jury of the E4impact Business Model Competition that took place on Saturday March 21st at the Catholic Institute of Business and Technology  in Accra (Ghana). During the Business Model Competition, 28 Ghanaian entrepreneurs presented their business models in front of a jury composed of members of the entrepreneurial community of Accra.

UNIAFRICA – Union for the Development of Italian-African Relations, took part in the event with Faustin Dahito (West African Representative) as a member of the grand jury.

“We are extremely happy of Mr. Dahito’s participation in the E4impact Business Model Competition” says Fabio Petroni, General Manager of E4impact. “This is the first step in a newly formed collaboration between ALTIS and Uniafrica. Both share the common goal of fostering the international development of SMEs in Sub-Saharan Africa. ALTIS and Uniafrica will work together to develop robust, local SMEs capable of creating jobs and wealth.”

Through its MBA , E4impact provides African entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge and networks useful to starting or scaling a business. The program is offered in partnership with local universities in Kenya, Ghana and Sierra Leone, and in 2016 will open in Uganda, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Tanzania.

UNIAFRICA develops reletionships with Africans public and private institutions, banks and guarantee funds in order to encourage the awareness of Italy as system of entrepreneurial excellence and promotes the development of new entrepreneurs with Italian know-how and technology. From its regional headquarter in Cotonou (Benin), Uniafrica operates in the whole ECOWAS and ECCAS regions, leveraging on a key partnership with ETC – Export Trading Cooperation, the only one European confirming house exclusively devoted to Sub-Saharan Africa.

“Thanks to the partnership with E4impact, UNIAFRICA can now make available to african entrepreneurs besides to expertise and  technical know-how, also  the learning of managerial and entrepreneurial skills ” says Anco Marzio Lenardon, President of Uniafrica and ETC S.p.A. “Moreover, a new class of prepared and competently trained entrepreneurs can make the development of SMEs viable and sustainable in the long run”.

Together, E4impact and UNIAFRICA will be able to provide a full set of training, consultancy support and financial facilities for the supply of goods and services for the benefit of both high potential African companies willing to scale-up and European SMEs interested to grow in Africa.

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